Valentines Candy Bouquet D.I.Y

February 6, 2018

Whats up V.I.P’s! Okay, you guys know I love a good gift that involves candy. Im such a sucker. (No pun intended) If someone put this in my face, I could easily be kidnapped. I wanted to share this super inexpensive gift idea for that special someone for Valentines Day. Everything you see here I got from the .99 cent store. I first filled up my vase with some M&M’s, candy hearts, chocolate foiled lips and hearts. Think of it as the “soil”. I then grabbed some fake leaves and cut the leaves off the stem and used it so that it would hold up the candy bars. What’s great about this gift is that you can customize it in so many different ways. Add whatever that special someone’s enjoys the most: Money on a stem, perhaps? Or how about lots of chocolate roses like the one seen here? What’s great about those is that it already holds itself up and it looks awesome as a finishing touch. Happy gifting! Be sure to check out my video below!