Expect the Unexpected

August 19, 2016

“…always expect the unexpected and prepare in advance.”

     You know what they say: Always leave early for traffic or unexpected conditions on the road or clear your whole day for a drivers test at the DMV, preparing yourself for expecting the unexpected. Well, on todays look, thats exactly what I did, and thankfully because of a great sale TopMan had, the process was easy for me. I originally wanted to do something completely different but it just wasn’t working out. Plus, the shoes I had originally planned to wear wasn’t cutting it. My shoe game needs improvement, I must say, but Im getting better at it, I promise. Its like, I have tons of shoes, but I never can seem to pair them with any looks I have. (That last part was a bit of truth and sarcasm lol)

     At first, I wanted to check out Topman only for shoes. But, the options of colors for the look I originally planned just wasn’t doing the trick. I had to change game plans, which I kinda expected. This can be todays lesson to always expect the unexpected and prepare in advance. It goes for a much smoother process when shooting for your blog. Im so happy I did. It ended up working out great because Topman was right around the corner from the shoot location, which, I might add is bomb. These photos seriously don’t do it justice.

Now I did splurge a tiny bit on todays look, but you all know how much I love a good sale, so I mixed and matched price points. Something I’m always doing. Check below for details. As always, I hope I’ve inspired to inspire. Its full circle. I’ll see you on the next post.


Trench Coat: TopMan   Shirt: TopMan    Trousers (Similar): TopMan   Shoes: TopMan

Photography: J’Monroe