Top 10 moments in 2016

December 31, 2016

I guess this is the part where I brag about my accomplishments of 2016. Well, I guess I’ll “brag” on then. But on a serious note it’s important to count your blessings/accomplishments. Everything I do on the blog is all in the sake to inspire and uplift. A lot comes from personal goals that I set and I’m just proud of myself. I can only go higher. Here are my top 10 best moments of 2016. I hope you enjoy and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


I met a beautiful human being by the name of Jei Monroe in July of this year. This past Summer, I hit a depressive state and I felt very lonely. I decided to reach out and our friendship grew quickly in just 5 months! We clicked instantly. We then went on to collaborate together for our online content and travel to N.Y.C. She has inspired me to be a better person with my goals and I can’t wait to see her next endeavors as she moves to New York City. I’m truly going to miss her. But I’ll probably be bugging her with pop ups to N.Y.C here and there. Can you say no hotel fees? Lol.

“Everything I do on the blog is all in the sake to inspire and uplift.”


If your into style/fashion blogging like I am, there’s nothing more important than building a relationship with a brand. It can set off an amazing career for a serious full time blogger and I’m so happy Perry Ellis has featured me on their instagram. To be noticed at all, especially when your creating content you hope someone will peak at, is wonderful. Thanks Perry Ellis!


It’s always wonderful being featured by someone who reads your blog, especially another like minded individual. I was included in this years list of black male bloggers from Quirky, Brown Love blog! I felt this was much needed because in the world of blogging, its heavily dominated by females. This was great to not only see a collective list of male bloggers, but a list of black male bloggers. This inspired ME and truly made me feel good about blogging in knowing I’m not alone.


My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and it was the best one yet! It was so great I had to VLOG about it so I could remember every step of the way. My day started off with a big breakfast followed by a nights stay at the Marriott in downtown L.A and then dinner with family & friends. You can check out my VLOG adventure here.


In 2016 I introduced a new hair style for myself: twists. I’ve never done anything special with my growing hair before, except get the traditional haircut but I’m glad I tried this look. I definitely will rock this style more in 2017. It gives me an edge and I LOVE it!


Can you believe my most liked photo on instagram this year is this photo? Not an outfit post, but this one!? Lol, this was taken at Griffith Observatory back in October. The picture, believe it or not, doesn’t do it justice. I strongly encourage you to check it out at night. The view is breathtaking!


Before 2015 Halloween I’d never thought too much about Halloween or dressing up. It was just another day to me. If you ask me now about it, I LOVE IT! I love thinking of characters to portray and executing them as best I can. In 2015 I was Rick James and I had a great time. You KNOW you did great on your costume when people say your characters name without you having to give any clues. I had fun playing Gerald this year and CAN’T WAIT for next year! You can also check out how I put my costume and wig together on my YouTube channel here. Hmmm, who will I be next year?


In March of this year, I was apart of my first children’s theater show, “Oh The Places Well Go” directed by A.J Orta. I played a character by the name of Wumbus, a trouble making, cheater who in the end just wants to make friends. For those of you who know me, acting is my first love and it was an amazing experience doing this for the kiddos! I can’t wait for more acting gigs to come my way in the new year!


I got featured by one of my FAVORITE websites! With over a million followers on their instagram, Lookbook is an online spot where fashion creatives alike upload their looks. Its kind of a big deal in the fashion blogging world. This made me very happy! Thanks again Lookbook!


Perry Ellis held a style contest on instagram. The person who entered had to style a Perry Ellis piece and whoever did it the best won a $2,500 Perry Ellis gift card and guess who won!? Wow, I’m still in awe! This has given me the opportunity to enhance my wardrobe times 100 and has enabled me to have an even closer relationship with the Perry Ellis brand! I’m so THANKFUL for this. Thanks again Perry Ellis!