Whitening Teeth at Home

September 19, 2017


     I never payed much attention to my teeth. I barely did the minimum. I only brushed my teeth once a day, flossed and rinsed and that was it. I never kept tabs of going to the dentist regularly, unless I had a tooth problem but within the past year, I’ve been paying more attention to my dental hygiene, mainly out of fear that I’d lose my teeth one day or lose my pretty smile. All of that was great, but I still was missing something: Making sure my teeth were white.

     Brushing your teeth, flossing, rinsing is nice but making sure your dentures are white is another story. Even if you go and get them “cleaned” like I have in the past, it doesn’t mean your teeth will be white. Most people assume the dentist is whitening your teeth and that’s not always the case. That’s a separate procedure and something thats costs separately from getting your teeth cleaned. Some folks are blessed with genetics of having natural white teeth and some, like myself, not so much.

I realized that I had a nice smile (For me that means the form/shapes of my teeth are nice) but they were always kinda yellow. I thought of whitening my teeth before with at home whitening kits we see at the store but never acted upon it. Well, my wake up call would soon follow. I had the opportunity to whiten my teeth with Smile Br!lliant for a consecutive 2 weeks and it worked amazingly. It truly opened my eyes at going a step further in taking care of my teeth’s heath and appearance.


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Winner will be chosen on Oct. 2nd! Good luck and happy whitening and smiling😬 !


If you’ve ever had insecurities on your smile or would like to brighten the color of your teeth, I urge you to give Smile Br!lliant a try. They offer a professional whitening kit with custom bleaching trays.