3 ways to wear double breasted blazer

February 5, 2017


I love a good oversized piece that gives me drama. When I say drama, I mean swinging’ from left to right as I’m walking. It just does something to your spirit, you feel so important. It can be used as a jacket, a piece for warmth and overall sophistication.


When the weather calls, I find it so chic to rock a double breasted blazer without a shirt underneath. For me, traditionally wearing a button up underneath gets a little boring after a while so I like to spice things up.

-With a Tee-

Wearing it with a nice, printed t-shirt is always a classic move. It gives you some comfort and the option to easily switch out the shirt for another.


Look 1: Blazer-Thrifted

Look 2: Blazer-Forever 21

Look 3: Blazer-Zara

Tuxedo Tailcoat

January 27, 2017


“…very excited for the new year ahead and remain positive and optimistic despite the recent backwardness this country could be facing.”

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Top 10 moments in 2016

December 31, 2016

I guess this is the part where I brag about my accomplishments of 2016. Well, I guess I’ll “brag” on then. But on a serious note it’s important to count your blessings/accomplishments. Everything I do on the blog is all in the sake to inspire and uplift. A lot comes from personal goals that I set and I’m just proud of myself. I can only go higher. Here are my top 10 best moments of 2016. I hope you enjoy and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


I met a beautiful human being by the name of Jei Monroe in July of this year. This past Summer, I hit a depressive state and I felt very lonely. I decided to reach out and our friendship grew quickly in just 5 months! We clicked instantly. We then went on to collaborate together for our online content and travel to N.Y.C. She has inspired me to be a better person with my goals and I can’t wait to see her next endeavors as she moves to New York City. I’m truly going to miss her. But I’ll probably be bugging her with pop ups to N.Y.C here and there. Can you say no hotel fees? Lol.

“Everything I do on the blog is all in the sake to inspire and uplift.”

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