How To Create Seamless Multi Post on Instagram!

July 1, 2018


What if you can seamlessly scroll and look at one project as a whole on Instagrams multi post feature? I found out how to do that WITHOUT PHOTOSHOP!


     Hey V.I.P’s! Happy July! It’s been a while but I’M BACK! I hope your Summer is going well and you are staying cool. It’s a new month, so that means new beginnings! I recently stumbled across this fairly new Instagram technique and feature I thought was super dope which allows you to be more creative in your Instagram posts. It’s called multi post. (SEE PHOTOS ABOVE) You know, the feature on Instagram where you can upload more than one image in one single post by sliding your finger to the left and viewing more photos or videos?

     Recently, I discovered you can be more creative and artsy with it. What if you can seamlessly scroll and look at one project as a whole? Kinda like your looking at a magazine article? I found out how to do that! I also found that a lot of users are using PhotoShop to create this project. PhotoShop can be pretty pricey and I’ve found a way to avoid PhotoShop altogether! You can do this by using a free program you can either download or use what’s already on your computer. I’ve created a tutorial video (SEE BELOW) on how to do this. I hope you enjoy and happy creating! Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more! (@VernonsBlog)

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