How I booked a Roundtrip flight to Dubai for $600

December 30, 2017


What’s up V.I.P’s! Happy Holidays! If you’ve been keeping up with me on Instagram (vernonsblog), you’ve seen that I recently visited Dubai! I went for my 30th birthday which was a huge accomplishment and milestone for me. It was the first time I went out of the Country and I am so proud of myself! I had so much fun, I even vlogged everyday I was there.  I also share free activities you can do and share some insightful information on bundled activity deals so your not wasting time and money paying for individual activities. All of it is at my YouTube. Feel free to subscribe so you don’t miss a single video. Click here for my YouTube: (VernonsBlog)


Left: The Yellow Boat Ride  Middle: Desert Safari  Right: Sheikh Zayed Mosque


 I wanted to share with you how I got to Dubai for so cheap. Two words: Explore Trip. has amazing deals and if your flexible with your vacation schedule, you’ll find even better deals! I got extremely lucky. I wanted to visit Dubai when it wasn’t so vacation busy and the weather wasn’t too hot. During Summer months, I hear its crazy hot! Luckily, both of these preferences fell right in December, which is my birthday month! Perfect, right? My trip was for 10 nights & 9 days. I literally turned 30 in another Country. Wow. That’s a big deal to me. Did I mention your U.S dollar almost doubles there? I set aside about $600 for spending money and when I exchanged it, it turned into $2,100 dirhams! Below is a breakdown of how much and what I spent my money on. Of course it will be different for you, especially if you plan on doing a lot more activities than I did or love going out to eat a lot.



FLIGHT: I flew with Air China. I had to transfer to another Air China plane going and coming back to the states. My stop, both times were in Beijing. My layover was only for about 30-45 minutes. It took me about a day and 7 hours to get there from L.A.

HOTEL: I booked 2 different hotels to give myself a different perspective of the city. My first hotel was at the Hyatt Place in Old Dubai. (Deira) My 2nd hotel was Time Oak Hotel in Barsha Heights, closer to the Marina and Palm Island area. A lot more stuff to do in that area and its in walking distance to a lot of shops. Both hotels were booked at Be sure to create an account with them and  sign up for their rewards program. When you collect 10 nights, they give you one free night to use on a another reservation. The free night is the average amount you spent on your previous hotels excluding tax.

ACTIVITIES: There’s SO MUCH to do in Dubai! You can check out all of my activities, including the free ones on my YouTube here: (VernonsBlog) Check out There, you can bundle activities together at an affordable price. All you do is literally type in the place of interest and they’ll give you all the activities the city has to offer. Booking an activity is easy and safe and it’s an American company so you don’t have to worry about international fees on your card.

SPENDING MONEY: My spending money went towards food, taxis and miscellaneous things I wanted to buy for myself. I highly recommend purchasing a nol card and riding the train. Although Taxi’s are relatively cheap, it adds up and can cut into your budget when you can just buy a train card for the week and ride it all day, unlimitedly. Plus, it skips all the traffic. I suggest only catching a Taxi if you are completely lost, in an emergency or going to and from the airport. Be aware that woman and children sit in a designated area on the train and men mostly stand in another area.


Left: Burj Khalifa building  Middle: Atlantis Hotel  Right: Burj Khalifa Observatory


I hope I’ve helped out on your next trip to Dubai! If you have any questions on anything that I may have missed, feel free to reach out by commenting here, e-mail or check out my Instagram (VernonsBlog) where you will also see more Dubai photos! Thanks and happy trip planning!