Happy Independence Day?

July 3, 2015









Shirt: Forever 21
Trousers: J. Crew
Shoes: Cole Haan
     With everything that’s going on in America recently with mass shootings, innocent children, students, black people, black church burnings, the police mistreating people of color, racists, etc. I’d love for this post to celebrate Independence Day but it makes me hesitant to do so. Have we really come far as a nation? Everyday I wake up, it’s something new on the news, a new killing, a new person showing their “true colors” it all makes me very sad for this country.
     I realized a lot of my readers are overseas, so I wanted to give you all my insight on the country I live in, because I know the media displays things completely different then reality. It’s so easy to get caught up with the media and all its bull sometimes. Its job is to produce ratings, just like these reality shows. Its all a business and to make money. Please don’t believe everything you read and see. I’ve noticed that some broadcasting company’s cover what they want to cover to make a certain race look good or bad and it sickens me! I wish they would tell the truth and nothing but the TRUTH.
     I hate the fact that a lot of these man made holidays such as July 4th don’t cater to other ethnicities; not really. The 4th of July celebrates the adoption of the declaration of independence in which the United States separated from Great Britain. There are no blacks in that. Over the years, of course, we’ve all made it “our thing” by celebrating with the barbecues, fireworks, gatherings, etc but is it really about and for the minorities? As a black minority, questions like this come to my head all the time.
This is also to get you to think. Im not coming from a place of making people change what they celebrate but simply to get you to THINK about some stuff. (especially the black community.) I think that’s the issue, in particular with the black community. We don’t have OUR OWN. We run around, adopting other peoples belief systems, education systems, (One that which don’t even care to tell us about our history besides being slaves.) holiday celebrations and we don’t think and do on OUR OWN. But what do you expect from a people who have been enslaved and brought here to build this country and believe and do everything its slave owner tells him? My message is simple: Be conscience of what’s going on, don’t be blind.
     I will LOVE the time where blacks will start having their own education systems, one that studies and glorifies the many contributions blacks gave, the history behind us, where we come from, etc. I will LOVE the time when more black owned businesses exist and we start to create and produce OUR OWN products to sale off the shelves. Just the other day I was in Target with a friend and we walked down the barbie aisle and literally COULDN’T FIND ONE brown skinned doll. 🙁
All in all, I have faith in this country. I strongly believe LOVE conquers all and most people aren’t racist. But I do know that they DO exist. We still have to live in and operate in this country at the end of the day, we have to learn to love each other. I know this type of post isn’t typical for me but if you read this far, I appreciate you. I know that a lot of people don’t like to read so much with a “fashion blog” but thank you. I hope everyone has a blessed weekend and take care. See you on the next post.