5 GOALS I met in 2017

January 1, 2018



Not only was it my first time overseas, but I celebrated it for my 30th birthday! I spoke into existence that I wanted to turn 30 in another Country and I booked a trip to Dubai! All within 6 months! I bought my plane ticket in July of ’17 and from then on, worked several odd jobs to save up for the big trip. A moment I’ll NEVER forget. To see more about my Dubai trip, check out this blog post: (How I Booked a roundtrip flight to Dubai for $600)




Speaking of saving up, one of my goals was to be more disciplined with my money. I mean, sure, I always was responsible and payed my bills but to really watch how I spent the rest. I realized its honestly not about how much you make but what you spend your money on! Don’t get me wrong, making more on the job makes a difference, but I challenge you to look at your bills. Are they a luxury or a necessity? Sometimes, sacrifices must be made to reach personal financial goals. Trust me, theres always a way around watching cable on the internet if you cut that cable bill.



This past Summer, I took a big step out on faith and got a new car! I always dreamed of being the first owner of a car and it came true! I’m a big fan of Hondas, so naturally, I had to stay loyal. I got a 2017 Honda Accord. It has a lot more room than previous cars I’ve driven and a little more luxurious, I think. I literally can stretch my leg in my car and I love that!



This by far was a goal I expected to meet much later in life as an actor but hey, dreams come true! I got picked to go to the 69th Annual Primetime Emmys from Seatfillers.com. Thousands submitted and I was so excited when I found out I got picked. Everyone who got picked got a plus one so I invited my sister. We had an awesome time! It was great seeing how everything worked. This wasn’t my first time attending a live show but it definitely was my first time attending something at this caliber. I felt this was a preview from God, telling me this is what your future holds. I can’t wait to attend again.




This by far was one of my BIGGEST goals this year to meet. If only you knew my personal journey of trying to be on YouTube. I have gotten on and off of YouTube for a lot of years. Mainly because I didn’t know what my niche was and I was kinda embarrassed. I tried everything and always got self conscious and deleted my accounts. Now, I’m unstoppable. I’ve found my niche, I’ve uploaded a total of 40 videos in 2017 and I love seeing my notifications when I get a new subscriber! It definitely gives me the boost to keep going. I will admit, sometimes it can be draining and it can take a lot out of you but in the end its worth it. Currently, you can check out my Dubai trip series. I vloged everyday I was there and share a lot of helpful info on bundling activities at affordable prices and much more. I invite you to come on the adventure with me. Its a 9 day video series and heres the playlist: (Dubai 2017) Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a single video.


ย We hear so much of what people want to stop seeing or doing in the new year via social media, no one ever talks about what they’ve accomplished.ย What were some goals you met? I’d love to hear. Happy NEW YEAR! Lets get to setting those new goals!