Easter 2017

April 16, 2017

“Growing up I never really was the suit type of guy.”


Growing up I never really was the suit type of guy. Im loving how as I get older, my style and taste changes up. I still see myself as always being that street style guy, even in my older years, but I love a good suit and double breasted blazer. I don’t rock too many suits because I feel it can be redundant. A lot of guys are doing suits. However, a lot of guys are rocking street style, too but with street style, I feel you can do so much with it. I guess that’s my main hub, what I do best in, which is completely fine. I like to think I come in all different types of characters here on the blog. That’s what fashion is suppose to be: fun, adventurous and daring. One day, I may want to look like I’m some type of majestic Professor at some boarding school overseas with a dramatic cape (view look here) or some other days, I may want to look like I’m headed to a modern day kingdom ball in downtown Los Angeles. (view look here) Either way, it’s all out of experimenting and just having fun with what you do. I hope everyone is having an awesome Easter and a great week ahead! Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you on the next post,



Suit: Perry Ellis   Shirt: Perry Ellis   Tie: Perry Ellis   Shoes: Lacoste