5 Trends You Should Try in 2019 (Mens)

January 7, 2019
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1. Night Glam

Whether you’d like to rock it with beads, sequin or stitching, the night glam trend is in full swing! Dress it up or down, as long as you incorporate a 3 dimensional element, your definitely in trend with this one!

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2. Stripes

Stripes are always fun. Wear it going vertical or horizontal, stripes is a trend that doesn’t really go anywhere in my opinion and continues to be a classic.

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3. Suit*ish

If you squint, you can kinda see a formal suit here but that’s not necessarily the case. The whole idea is to style a suit together in an untraditional way. A t shirt under a formal jacket or jeans with a formal jacket, however you choose to style it, the goal is to make sure you wear a suit but not wear a suit. I’ve paired some sneakers and skinny jeans I grabbed from Zara with this double breasted blazer I picked up from Asos. It’s a monochromatic look and giving the suit*ish vibe as well.

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4. Leather Jacket

Okay, so I’m really excited I have an excuse to pull out an old favorite. The leather jacket, or biker jacket is definitely in trend for 2019. We all have one so go ahead and pull it out!

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5. Western Shirt

Hands down one of THE BEST purchases I’ve ever made was this western shirt I got from a thrift store back home in Nashville. It’s funny how the best purchases aren’t even the most expensive ones. I treasure this shirt so much. It’s very special to me and it has so much charm and elegance. Take a trip to the Western side and get you a western embroidered shirt.

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