3 ways to wear double breasted blazer

February 5, 2017


I love a good oversized piece that gives me drama. When I say drama, I mean swinging’ from left to right as I’m walking. It just does something to your spirit, you feel so important. It can be used as a jacket, a piece for warmth and overall sophistication.


When the weather calls, I find it so chic to rock a double breasted blazer without a shirt underneath. For me, traditionally wearing a button up underneath gets a little boring after a while so I like to spice things up.

-With a Tee-

Wearing it with a nice, printed t-shirt is always a classic move. It gives you some comfort and the option to easily switch out the shirt for another.


Look 1: Blazer-Thrifted

Look 2: Blazer-Forever 21

Look 3: Blazer-Zara