Dear V.I.P’s

August 18, 2017


Hate cannot drive out hate. Only LOVE can.”


Dear V.I.P’s,

I know I haven’t been posting as much but I’ve been so busy trying to be consistent with YouTube, it’s crazy! For me, I realized that it can be quite a challenge spreading my attention across so many social media sites. I guess it all boils down to time management. When your working a full time job and trying to have a life as well, it can really be tough though! A lot of work goes into thinking of content, filming and editing videos and it can really drain you. I’m hoping that developing a habit of uploading two videos a week, one on Thursdays and one on Sundays, it will help it become second nature and it won’t feel as draining. Everything else such as style posts, etc. will fall into place. You can check out my YouTube here and I hope to get a subscription from you! Thanks so much for sticking by me and checking out my blog as well. I’ve got an awesome partnership and giveaway deal coming soon with Smile Br!lliant and so much content heading your way so stay tuned. I hope your week has been great and your Summer even greater. Lets please remember to spread love and kindness in the midst of all the drama that’s going on in the world. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only LOVE can. My mission is to aspire to inspire. Blessings.




Shirt: Zara   Jeans: Zara   Shoes: TopMan


2018 Toyota C-HR Review

July 15, 2017


Photo by



I got the amazing opportunity to test drive and review the all new 2018 Toyota C-HR crossover! It’s fairly new on the market and Toyota reached out to test drive, review and blog about it! Their theme was “Be the first.” I got a chance to drive around Los Angeles for a few hours and get some crazy looks which was awesome! This is my first time ever blogging about a car so it was fun testing things out content wise. What I loved about the Toyota team is that they didn’t want to set strict rules behind posting my review. I had complete freedom to present the review in my own way, which I loved. I tried to come from a young buyers perspective, pointing out the important elements I like in a car. You can check out the video below for more details and fun adventures with Toyota!



Thanks Toyota!


Blue Toyota C-HR:   Jacket: Zara   Dress Pants: Perry Ellis   Dress Shirt:  Zara



July 7, 2017


As some of you may know, I now have an online store! It officially opened on July 1st and I’ve always had the entrepreneur bug in my head. I think this is a great way to spark that plug. I’m selling graphic tees, crop tops for the ladies and iPhone cases! Each product is designed by me which is something I’m extremely proud of. I get to design and sell right from home, it really is an awesome feeling!

The theme of my first collection is “Petty.” I chose to design around this word because of current events happening in the world, particularly what’s going on in the United States. For example, police are not being held accountable for their poor, irrational decisions when pulling the trigger on people of color. The Philando Castile case is something that truly hurt the world. A citizen who was licensed to carry and went above and beyond by informing the officer he was licensed to carry and somehow he still gets shot? It’s an ugly image of America right now that I’m sure has other Countries looking at us like were still in the 1930’s.

I also get a little political with the collection to get people to think. We all have a little petty ways in us and I wanted to create something, not just for trend but for lifestyle purposes. It’s not the name of my clothing line, just something for VernonsBlog store. I hope you can connect in some way and enjoy it. You can click the ‘shop’ tab at the top of my blog and it will take you directly to my online store or just click here. I hope your inspired as much as I am and I hope your Summer 2017 is going great so far!


June 8, 2017

Hey guys, I have another GIVEAWAY Im doing! In an effort to stay in communication with my audience, I have a news letter or as I like to call it, my V.I.P list (Vernon’s Important People) in which I like to keep you all updated on. With my V.I.P list, I keep you all informed on style posts, style inspiration, great spots to checkout, coupon deals, GIVEAWAYS and much more!

Sign up for my V.I.P list here on the blog & SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube ( for a chance to win a Perry Ellis cologne or perfume gift set! There will be 1 female winner & 1 male winner! MUST SIGN UP FOR BOTH, ENTRIES WILL BE CHECKED!
*Contest ends JUNE 30th!