8 Jackets Perfect for Spring & Under $100

March 8, 2018

Image by Asos.com


Hey V.I.P’s! Okay, so Spring is almost here. Thank. God! March 20th to be exact. Finally, we can expect more sunshine, roll forward our clocks (don’t forget to do that 3/11) and enjoy the days being longer. It’s my all time favorite season. I’ve compiled a list of 8 jackets that are perfect for this Spring and are super affordable. Everything is under $100. Don’t worry. I’m not gonna have you looking like a Fall gent in the middle of Spring time. Everything has a Spring ish theme to it and are super trendy. Enjoy!


DHL gone wrong!

February 27, 2018


Hey V.I.P’s!

So here I am discovering a red & yellow style challenge by DHL and my submission can’t be submitted. Bummer. I found out about this challenge the day of this shoot. DHL shipping is currently holding a red & yellow style challenge. Entries are to be submitted here. The winner receives a $250 voucher to Net A Porter! But get this: Logos can’t be on your submission. I found this out, literally, as I was uploading my photos and decided to take a look at the contest rules which can be found here. Something I should have did BEFORE I even thought of taking photos. Ughh. Lesson learned. But it’s all good. It gives me another excuse to present content to you guys and I LOVE this outfit post. It was really difficult finding and styling the perfect red & yellow duo. These yellow trousers from J.Crew I’ve had since forever. The only time I’ve worn them is on a style post I did back in 2015. (See it here.) The red shirt I recently picked up at Zara during their annual sale and the denim jacket is from Forever 21. I don’t think I’ve ever worn two bright colors together like this but I like it! I discovered I work well under pressure and considering this was last minute for me, the shoot turned out pretty amazing. The DHL contest ends on March 26. Who knows, maybe I’ll still participate since I’ve got time. Good luck!

Coke Shirt: Zara    Denim Jacket: Forever 21    Trousers: J. Crew

Black Panther & it’s meaning to pop culture

February 19, 2018



   Hey V.I.P’s

     I’m sure by now you’ve heard all the hype over the latest Marvel film, “Black Panther” and I’m sure you’ve more than likely seen the film. I finally got the chance to go check out the film on Sunday of opening weekend and it was nothing short of AMAZING! I’m not the type at all who is a huge fan of the Marvel franchise let alone the  “superhero” genre but that’s honestly because at this point, they’ve done too many to keep up with and before it was a Hollywood phenomenon to create all the Marvel films, I just liked it plain and simple. I watched “Spiderman” with Tobey Maguire, I watched “Dark Knight” with Christian Bale, (is that Marvel?) I watched “Iron Man” with Robert Downing Jr. and I watched “The Incredible Hulk” with Edward Norton. But NONE of these films had the same effect as “Black Panther” and I’ll tell you why.

Saturday evening I went to the movie theater, purchased my ticket and selected my seat for the following day. Honestly, I was shocked so many seats were still available the day before. I’ve never done this for a movie. Ever. I planned out what I’d wear, even planned on getting there super early (which never happens I might add). For cliche and obvious reasons, I will say I had to turn out and support the cause because it was an all Black cast. We all can count on ONE hand how many films have an all Black cast that comes out a year. Besides the myth that Black films “don’t do well” or don’t sell because of whatever b.s reason, “Black Panther” crushed that myth long before the film was even released to the public! This film was more than “Oh it’s a Black film with a lot of Black actors let me make sure I show support.” Although that was important, it’s much bigger than that. It means something for the little Black boy who saw this film now thinking he can be that superhero who looks like him.

Because the hype of the film, Black people were showing up in their African attire or Black Panther themed attire. Witnessing that experience alone made you want to get out and see it. Honestly, before I walked into that movie theater, I thought it would be another superhero movie and that it would probably be mediocre and it was just me going to see it because of obvious reasons, but I honestly walked out of that theater feeling proud, empowered and inspired. It broke so many myths and stereotypes and I’m so happy about that. Because I’m African American, I know that Africa is a beautiful place full of beautiful people. I’ve always known superheroes in real life and on the screen, whether they were role models or just plain, everyday people who do so much for the community. I hope this film sets the pathway for many more like it and unlike it with Black Hollywood.