I Almost CamoFLAKED

May 20, 2017

“I’m usually not a huge fan of army fatigue stuff but this piece caught my eye.”


How has everyones week been? It’s almost yet another Summer upon us and I can’t wait. I don’t know if I’m too excited about the 80 degree days here in L.A but I’m always up for a good sunny day. Todays outfit was kinda planned in my head and kinda wasn’t. I’m usually not a huge fan of army fatigue stuff but this piece caught my eye. The shirt is super light weigh and has a hoodie on the back.

     I will admit, Im not too proud of how this outfit turned out. Or maybe it’s my poses. That’s the beauty of of my blog, I can share what I’m truly feeling with you all and that’s what makes this space of mine so great. I wish the pants were a more tailored fit and I wish the shirt didn’t get so easily wrinkled. (I ironed this thing a million times.) I do love the rope string tied to my trousers. It gives me something different and allows me to play around a bit. The shoes, however, did deliver thru. I truly enjoy them. I think it’s mainly because I’m a big fan of the high top sneaker. The colors went nicely with todays look and it didn’t hurt that they were on sale either. The beaded bracelet are from the wonderful folks at DALYNE Store. It’s a great statement piece for todays look as well. Be sure to check out their online store for more items, they’ve also got some awesome shades. Thanks so much for tuning in and I’ll see you on the next post.


Shirt: Zara   Pants: Zara   Bracelet: DALYNE   Shoes: Steve Madden

Destiny’s Child STAGE PLAY in the works

May 18, 2017

Photo by theFader.com

Alright guys I usually don’t post about celebs but you know I had to chime in on this recent news about a staged Destiny’s Child musical. In a recent interview with Houston’s FOX 26 news, Matthew Knowles (Beyonce’s father) states that he plans to open up a staged musical centering around the iconic female group, Destiny’s Child with Idris Elba playing Matthew Knowles. I’ll let you watch the video below for yourself but I was expecting something like this to go to the screen first, what about you? I mean, isn’t that what everybody else is doing? Making a quick buck off of these quickly manufactured biopics?

The only ones that have substance so far to me are “New Edition” & “Crazy Sexy Cool.” All the other recent ones are garbage. Sorry Whitney, sorry Aaliyah. What do you think? A staged musical? He states it will debut overseas first then work its way over to the U.S. Although “Dreamgirls” did start off as a staged play and 25 years later became a big hit with Beyoncé & Jennifer Hudson. Maybe Matthew is trying to mimic the “Dreamgirls” success. Let me know what you think.


View Pt. 1

View Pt. 2


Sky Space L.A

May 17, 2017

This past Sunday I had the incredible chance to check out one of L.A’s newest attractions; Sky Space L.A. It has only been open now for about a year and every moment is truly breathtaking. You get a chance at viewing Los Angeles from a whole new perspective-without being in traffic lol. Since we spend most of our time stuck in traffic, its nice to come up here, enjoy the scene and kinda get away from it all. From nearly 1000 feet in the air from the U.S Bank tower in downtown L.A, you can virtually see all of Los Angeles from a 360 view.

     What geeked me out the whole time was L.A’s newest sky scraper, the Wilshire Grand Center. The building literally is L.A’s newest sky scraper and beautifully lights up at night. It’s the 9th tallest building in the U.S. I remember it use to be nothing on the ground where it stands and to now see it complete is amazing. There’s still work to be done on the inside but just viewing the building from the outside I think is just enough.

     Sky Space not only offers an incredible view but also lets you experience a ride down the side of the U.S Bank tower! Crazy right? You know I had to take advantage of that opportunity. Check out my ride here. Tickets are $25 for adults and $8 dollars more if you’d like to experience the slide. Check out their website below and happy viewing! I’ll see you on the next post.


Sky Space L.A

 633 W 5th St, Los Angeles, CA 90071 



Easter 2017

April 16, 2017

“Growing up I never really was the suit type of guy.”


Growing up I never really was the suit type of guy. Im loving how as I get older, my style and taste changes up. I still see myself as always being that street style guy, even in my older years, but I love a good suit and double breasted blazer. I don’t rock too many suits because I feel it can be redundant. A lot of guys are doing suits. However, a lot of guys are rocking street style, too but with street style, I feel you can do so much with it. I guess that’s my main hub, what I do best in, which is completely fine. I like to think I come in all different types of characters here on the blog. That’s what fashion is suppose to be: fun, adventurous and daring. One day, I may want to look like I’m some type of majestic Professor at some boarding school overseas with a dramatic cape (view look here) or some other days, I may want to look like I’m headed to a modern day kingdom ball in downtown Los Angeles. (view look here) Either way, it’s all out of experimenting and just having fun with what you do. I hope everyone is having an awesome Easter and a great week ahead! Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you on the next post,



Suit: Perry Ellis   Shirt: Perry Ellis   Tie: Perry Ellis   Shoes: Lacoste