June 8, 2017

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How I plan my BLOGGER shoots

June 1, 2017

“Nowadays, I don’t care. I just keep shooting and minding my business.”

     This past Memorial Day was super chill for me. I mostly just relaxed and went out later in the evening. The shoot location in todays post was at City Hall in Beverly Hills and of course on Memorial Day, it was closed. It was perfect because I hate it when folks are around and stare like they’ve never seen a style blogger take photos before lol. The shirt is from Forever 21 and I really dig it.

     I haven’t visited Forever 21 in quite a while nor have I liked their menswear selections lately, but it was refreshing to find this in the store. You can never go wrong with plaid and I love the vintage, distressed and cut off theme it has going on. I’m sure they had tons of other colors but this one stuck out to me. The shoot was kinda spur of the moment and I didn’t know exactly where I was going to take my photographs. A lot of times, I don’t plan where my shoots will be located. I just wing it honestly and think of a spot spur of the moment and go shoot. Most of the time, its near where I live, which is in downtown Los Angeles.

     There are a lot of nice backdrops in downtown L.A so getting away from the area was refreshing. My day started off randomly roaming the streets just to get out the apartment and then I found this area, so I decided to hop out and take a few snaps. Los Angeles is so huge, it honestly can be overwhelming to plan and pick a spot. Most of the times, its best to either location scout for spots or go out and do your normal day to day activities and when you find a nice spot, take a picture of it. If you have an iPhone, it will actually tag the location, so you’ll remember exactly where it is to come back and shoot.

I try to make sure the area isn’t heavily populated with people/tourists as well. Because its L.A, often times you’ll run into that a lot. Its also great to shoot on the weekends, Sundays or some national Holidays particularly because traffic isn’t as bad. For me, when I’m alone, I use to hate it when people would stare or pause because they think their in the way of your shoot but it honestly has gotten a lot easier for me. Nowadays, I don’t care. I just keep shooting and minding my business. I hope this has helped anyone out there trying to get into fashion/style blogging or trying to venture out more on locations. I hope you’ve had a fantastic week! Thanks for tuning in, I’ll see you on the next post!



Shirt: Forever 21:   Jeans: Levis Skinny Jeans (510)   Shoes: Steve Madden


Destiny’s Child STAGE PLAY in the works

May 18, 2017

Photo by theFader.com

Alright guys I usually don’t post about celebs but you know I had to chime in on this recent news about a staged Destiny’s Child musical. In a recent interview with Houston’s FOX 26 news, Matthew Knowles (Beyonce’s father) states that he plans to open up a staged musical centering around the iconic female group, Destiny’s Child with Idris Elba playing Matthew Knowles. I’ll let you watch the video below for yourself but I was expecting something like this to go to the screen first, what about you? I mean, isn’t that what everybody else is doing? Making a quick buck off of these quickly manufactured biopics?

The only ones that have substance so far to me are “New Edition” & “Crazy Sexy Cool.” All the other recent ones are garbage. Sorry Whitney, sorry Aaliyah. What do you think? A staged musical? He states it will debut overseas first then work its way over to the U.S. Although “Dreamgirls” did start off as a staged play and 25 years later became a big hit with Beyoncé & Jennifer Hudson. Maybe Matthew is trying to mimic the “Dreamgirls” success. Let me know what you think.


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