My Dental Hygiene Journey with Smile Brilliant

November 2, 2018

CariPro Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

What’s up V.I.P’s! How’s the Fall season treating you so far? I wanted to share with you an amazing brand that may be familiar to you. Last year, I partnered with Smile Brilliant and their amazing teeth whitening system on whitening our teeth. Before then, I’ve never really given it much thought on whitening my teeth or going the extra mile in taking care of my teeth besides just brushing them. This year, they have an amazing new product, the cariPro Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush. So now, not only can we whiten our teeth but we can brush them throughly!


I’ve used the cariPro for a week and it definitely has changed the way I brush my teeth. It has 5 brushing modes that you switch to as your brushing which are clean, white, massage, gum care and sensitive for those with sensitive teeth. As your brushing, the cariPro will stop briefly to inform you that it’s time to switch to the next brushing mode. Clean is for the classic way of cleaning your teeth, white is for removing stains, massage is for massaging the gums and stimulation, gum care is for cleaning along the gum lines and sensitive is for those who find the standard clean mode too harsh on their teeth. It has 40,000 vibrations per minute, a 30 day battery life and is water proof.

Once again, Smile Brilliant has made me be more aware of taking care of my teeth in ways I never thought of before. Before the cariPro, I never gave it much thought on taking actual time of brushing my teeth in each sections of my mouth. I would grab my toothbrush and quickly brush my teeth. Whether that took 30 seconds or a minute. I never focused in on brushing my teeth for 30 seconds in each section of my mouth. And what’s better is that I can now take advantage of 4 other brushing modes I otherwise wouldn’t have the chance at using.

What I like about the cariPro electric toothbrush is that it’s super affordable as well as replacing the brush heads. There are 3 packages to choose from. The individual package comes with two brush heads, the couples package comes with 4 brush heads and the deluxe package comes with 4 brush heads as well.



If you care about your physical health and your smile, why not make sure your teeth have something to show for it too? I strongly suggest giving Smile Brilliant a try. You will definitely notice a difference in how you brush your teeth. You can check out more details on the brush here and replacement heads here. While your at it, you can also view the FAQ section here with any questions I may not have answered in this post.



The wonderful folks at Smile Brilliant were so generous to offer a 20 percent discount off the cariPro electric toothbrush!

USE CODE: vernonsblog20


I will also be hosting a sponsored GIVEAWAY where you can WIN a complementary cariPro electric toothbrush!




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September 27, 2018

Check out the vlog here:

Hey V.I.P’s! I attended the OTRII tour last weekend! I had a great time. I hadn’t seen Beyoncé in concert in 9 years yall! Well, I saw her once in 2015 at the Stevie Wonder tribute but we won’t count that lol. I went with my friend Jamila and vlogged about it! Check it out!

A few times I styled…

August 27, 2018

Biker Jacket Vest from Zara


This combo is my favorite to date! I paired it with some dress pants from Perry Ellis and this cheetah gradient print shirt from Urban Outfitters. A classic!

I decided to get a lil sporty with this look. I wanted to mainly feature the Honda collab from forever 21. The biker vest went perfect with it.

Currently obsessed with my latest look. I paired my biker vest with this pink leopard print I picked up from Asos and these white skinny jeans from Levis. The sunglasses I got from Urban Outfitters seals it!

Im so over Summer

August 19, 2018

What’s up V.I.P’s. I don’t know about you, but I am SO over Summer. I have never in my life been so miserable during the Summer time. Mainly because, like most apts. here in L.A, my apt. doesn’t have central AC or an AC unit at all, so you can only imagine how horrible it is here. Don’t even get me started on the heat waves that come every Summer. That’s another story! 90% of the time, its usually comfy here, weather wise, so I get it, but boy am I so ready for Fall/Winter. That’s why I decided to rock this look I put together. Everything is light weigh, comfortable and I wasn’t sweating like crazy outside. Blue is my favorite color, it reminds us all of a cool, ocean theme. I’ve never really been a fan of the paisley print, but I actually enjoy this one I picked up from Zara. It’s material is super light weigh and I enjoy it’s design. Are you ready for the Fall/Winter as much as I am? C’mon December! Thanks for reading. See you on the next post!


Blazer & Pants: Perry Ellis | Shirt: Zara | Shoes: Steve Madden | Necklace: TopMan

How I Booked A RT to Dubai for $600

July 11, 2018


Safari Desert Tour, Dubai

Hey V.I.P’s. How’s your Summer coming along so far? Mine? HOT! Hopefully you’ve been plotting and planning those get away abroad trips during this time, as sales are at their all time high around this time for traveling during the Fall! I wanted to share how I booked a roundtrip to Dubai for only $600 last year around this time. I went for my 30th birthday last December for 10 days and I had a wonderful time! I purchased my plane ticket last July around this time and leading up to the trip, saved up and payed off hotel, food and activity money. It was super convenient because I practically had till the end of the year to save up for the rest of my trips expenses. I’ll break this down into several sections:

Burj Khalifa (Tallest building in the world)


Two words. ExploreTrip. Check out for great flight deals like I did. I had an earlier date in mind and it gave me an alternative date (maybe like a week later) that was cheaper than the dates I originally planned for. I thought this was super dope! Be sure to also check out which allows you to copy a screenshot of a plane ticket price from any airline of your choice, then send it in and make installments on your plane ticket. It will charge you a fee to do this but it’s totally worth it if your traveling overseas and are on a budget.



I booked two different hotels via to give myself a different perspective of the city of Dubai. My first hotel was in old Dubai and my second hotel was in the Marina area closer to the beach. Every 10 nights equals 1 free hotel room when you create an account. The free night has to equal the average amount of your previous 10 night hotel stay. Tip: Be sure to check the free breakfast filter when booking. Thats one meal expense you won’t have to worry about each day your there.

Hyatt Place-Al Rigga Old Dubai


Getting around Dubai is super easy. There’s taxi’s everywhere and their super cheap but it can add up. Of course Uber is available also and the train, which is the cheapest. If your looking to splurge more on food, I’d ride the train to most places and use a taxi for emergencies only or if you get lost and want to be sure to get somewhere on time. The train is super convenient and you can buy whats called a nol card for the week and ride it unlimitedly all day and night.


I found and booked a lot of my activities thru It’s a site that literally has all the must do activities in whatever city or Country your in. I love it because it’s all in one place and you can pay for your activities on the same site. It also won’t charge an international fee on your debit/credit card. I strongly suggest this site to get ideas and inspiration if anything else. What I also love about it is that it has discounts just for booking on the site.

The Yellow Boats Tour- Atlantis, The Palm Hotel 


Food for me wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t important to me to indulge in the culture of food everyday. My big splurge went to activities. Whatever was around via Yelp, I went and ate at. I would eat, just to make sure I ate. I didn’t go out of my way to find particular cultured places or anything. I did enjoy more cultured food when I booked a particular activity but that was about it. If I could describe Dubai it’s honestly like an American big city times 100 but of course with it’s own middle east charm, so finding food of the middle east was far in between. There were mostly American restaurants and bars than anything else.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque- Located in Abu Dhabi

If you’d like to check out more on Dubai and all the activities I embarked upon, check out My Trip to Dubai Playlist below. Hope you enjoy!