Welcoming Spring with JORD

March 7, 2017


How many more days till Spring? Spring is my favorite time of the year because it’s one season closer to Summer! Although I’m not too much of a fan during some hot days, I live for a good, warm, sunny day.  Something that’s perfect for one of those on the go Spring/Summer days are these classic watches by JORD wooden watches. JORD offers 9 different styles, all made from real wood and comes in various wood colors! My personal favorites are the Delmar & Conway (pictured above) styles. The particular one I have is the Kosso & Midnight blue. What I love about these watches is that they can go with pretty much anything and is quite the statement piece and conversation starter. How many wooden watches have you’ve come across lately? The conway above gives off a sporty, royal vibe that can be for the guys or the gals. I haven’t even mentioned the epic packaging it arrives in. It comes in this wood box that has a pop out drawer at the bottom to store other goodies. When I first received it in the mail my first impression was immediately a positive one and I hadn’t even opened the box yet to the watch. It also comes with a cleaner. They come at a reasonable price as well. The least expensive Fieldcrest style prices at $139. You can even finance them! ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN $100 TOWARDS A JORD WOODEN WATCH! Simply sign up for my e-mail list. I’ll then e-mail you a special link for the contest entry form! THERE’S ALSO A SPECIAL GIFT JUST FOR SIGNING UP!





Valentines Day 2017

February 14, 2017


Here we are at another Valentines Day or as I like to call it, V DAY. This is my second time featuring the “holiday” here online and so far I actually enjoy celebrating it on the blog. I can’t too much say the same in my personal life lol. It will be just another day but I’ll be posting V DAY themed pics on my instagram. Just like last year, my message is the same: Get to know yourself, take yourself out on a date, be madly in LOVE with YOU. Because I gotta tell ya, if you don’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else? When you take the time to love yourself, it sets the bar for everything. You’ll know when not to accept just ANYTHING from any mojo and will know your worth and know what you offer and bring to the table. As a matter of fact, you just might BE the table. Thanks for tuning in and I hope you’ve enjoyed. I’ll see you on the next post!



Sweater: Urban Outfitters  Trousers: Perry Ellis  Jacket: Lacoste

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3 ways to wear double breasted blazer

February 5, 2017


I love a good oversized piece that gives me drama. When I say drama, I mean swinging’ from left to right as I’m walking. It just does something to your spirit, you feel so important. It can be used as a jacket, a piece for warmth and overall sophistication.


When the weather calls, I find it so chic to rock a double breasted blazer without a shirt underneath. For me, traditionally wearing a button up underneath gets a little boring after a while so I like to spice things up.

-With a Tee-

Wearing it with a nice, printed t-shirt is always a classic move. It gives you some comfort and the option to easily switch out the shirt for another.


Look 1: Blazer-Thrifted

Look 2: Blazer-Forever 21

Look 3: Blazer-Zara

Tuxedo Tailcoat

January 27, 2017






Well, here we are. It’s 2017 and this is my first post of the year! Im very excited for the new year ahead and remain positive and optimistic despite the recent backwardness this country could be facing. I don’t want to get all political on today’s post but I will say when we come together in numbers we are a threat! Dr. Roland Martin said that once we realize that poor education is poor education, we must all fight TOGETHER to change and affect our country.

     This is my first time wearing a tuxedo tailcoat. I’ve seen them before but never gave it much thought. Of course we always see them in a very formal setting but if Zara is selling them you better believe most guys are rocking this with a street style, urban look and that’s just what I decided to do. The lapels are satin and like most tailcoat tuxedos, it’s fitted which is something I can always appreciate. The shoes were also a pickup from Zara. Their having an AMAZING end of the season sale so if you haven’t already, head over and check it out. I’ve placed the link to today’s items below. You’ll be sure to find SOMETHING you like for the remainder of the winter season. Thanks for stopping by and I hope your new year is off to a fantastic and productive start. See you on the next post.



Tuxedo tailcoat: Zara   Shoes: Zara   Jeans: Obey Clothing   Shirt: Perry Ellis